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In this section links to the official sites of music projects Alex Walnowski. The complete collection of musical compositions by Alex Walnowski is available on the website  Music by Alex walnowski


Dempstaut is a project focused on the styles of Psychedelic Trance, Psytrance. Extensive melodies, mysterious sounds of space, eroticism and urbanism - these are the components on which the creativity of the Dempstaut project is involved.

Dempstaut is the author's project of Alex Walnowski This site is the official website of the Dempstaut project. In the Releases section the music content of the Dempstaut project is presented for free download


Alex Walnowski

Alex Walnowski is a composer and musician who works in a wide variety of musical styles and genres. The solo project of Alex Walnowski, where he performs on his own behalf, are musical compositions predominantly electronic rhythmic. He also performs under the name DJ Skela, where he performs remixes for his own works. The group Ternovy Ruy is a group of the genre pop, where, in addition to composing the songs, Alex Walnowski is a vocalist